This web site is about my music. I have been writing songs as long as I can remember, but have thrown away more than I have ever kept. Now that I have more time and resources I am bringing my songs to life one at a time. I am calling the “band” The Rock Island All Stars, because it is comprised of revolving musicians playing on different songs at different times. But we all have something in common. We want our music heard and enjoyed by others.

All the songs are available on Itunes and Amazon but are also available here for free* “Free “ meaning that if you like what you hear you will hopefully investigate the musician links on each song and support these fine artists who have made music their life. There are bios to peruse as these professionals I work with have careers in their own world and are all worthy of following. Their connections and contributions in the music industry run deep and I can’t imagine anyone being disappointed where the links might lead.

I do most of my writing at Rock Island Farm in Scottsville, VA on the James River. (that is when I am not tubing, swimming, boating, hiking or kicking back) some of the songs are from my life, some from my friends lives and some just from life itself. I hope there is something here for almost all tastes.

So please listen to our  music and if you like it send it to your friends.  I own all the copyrights and recordings and all downloads and sharing is completely legal. . We will be adding songs as they become ready for public consumption.. Please feel free to leave any comments and lets us know what you think….   and Thanks for listening….